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Changing a Chart’s Appearance
Word: Starting in Print Layout view, select your chart, and in the Page
Layout or (Chart Tools) Format tab, click the Position button (you may
have to click the Arrange button first, depending on the size of your
screen). You see a drop-down list with text-wrapping options. Choose
the option that describes how you want surrounding text to behave
when it crashes into your chart. Book II, Chapter 6 looks in detail at
wrapping text around charts and other objects in Word.
PowerPoint: Select the chart and drag it on the slide to the right position.
Changing a Chart’s Appearance
Charts are awfully nice already, but perhaps you want to redesign one.
Perhaps you’re an interior decorator type and you want to give charts your
own personal touch. As shown in Figure 1-3, Office presents many
different ways to refine a chart. You can click one of the three buttons — Chart
Elements, Chart Styles, or Chart Filters — that appear beside a chart when
you select it. You can also go to (Chart Tools) Design tab and the (Chart
Tools) Format tab. Your opportunities for tinkering with a chart are many.
These pages explain how to change a chart’s appearance and layout, starting
with the biggest change you can make — exchanging one type of chart for
Changing the chart type
The biggest way to overhaul a chart is to ditch it in favor of a different chart
type. Luckily for you, Office makes this task simple. I wish that changing jobs
was this easy. Follow these steps to change a pumpkin into a carriage or an
existing chart into a different kind of chart:
1. Click your chart to select it.
2. On the (Chart Tools) Design tab, click the Change Chart Type button,
or right-click your chart and choose Change Chart Type on the
shortcut menu.
Chapter 1
The Change Chart Type dialog box appears. Does it look familiar? This is
the same dialog box you used to create your chart in the first place.
3. Select a new chart type and click OK.
Not all chart types can be converted successfully to other chart types.
You may well have created a monster, in which case go back to Step 1
and start all over or click the Undo button.
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