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Changing a Chart’s Appearance
Changing the size and shape of a chart
To make a chart taller or wider, follow these instructions:
Click the perimeter of the chart to select it and then drag a handle on
the side to make it wider, or a handle on the top or bottom to make it
Go to the (Chart Tools) Format tab and enter measurements in the Shape
Height and Shape Width boxes. You can find these boxes in the Size
group (you may have to click the Size button to see them, depending on
the size of your screen).
Choosing a new look for your chart
Select your chart and experiment with these different ways to change its
Select a chart style: On the (Chart Tools) Design tab, choose an option
in the Chart Styles gallery. Or click the Chart Styles button and select a
style on the drop-down menu (refer to Figure 1-3).These gallery options
are quite sophisticated. You would have a hard time fashioning these
charts on your own.
Change the color scheme: On the (Chart Tools) Design tab, click the
Change Colors button and select a color on the drop-down list. Or click
the Chart Styles button and select a color on the drop-down menu (refer
to Figure 1-3).
Later in this chapter, “Changing a chart element’s color, font, or other
particular” explains how to dig down deep and change one particular aspect of
a chart — its legend, plot area, or vertical axis, for example.
If your file includes more than one chart, make the charts consistent with
one another. Give them a similar appearance so that your file doesn’t turn
into a chart fashion show. You can make charts consistent with one another
by choosing similar options for charts in the Chart Styles gallery.
Chapter 1
Changing the layout of a chart
Charts are composed of different elements — the legend, the labels, and the
titles. Figure 1-4 identifies chart elements. Where these elements appear is
up to you. Whether to include them is up to you as well. You can, for example,
place the legend on the right side of your chart or go without a legend. By
choosing which elements to include and where to put elements, you fashion
a layout for your chart.
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