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Changing a Chart’s Appearance
Hover the pointer over the options on the Chart Elements menus and glance
at your chart. You can see right away what each option does to your chart.
To remove series or category names from a chart, click the Chart Filters
button and, on the drop-down menu, deselect a column or row option button
(see Figure 1-3).
Handling the gridlines
Gridlines are lines that cross a chart and indicate value measurements. Most
charts include major gridlines to show where bars or columns meet or
surpass a major unit of measurement, and you can also include fainter, minor
gridlines that mark less significant measurements.
Use these techniques to handle gridlines:
On the (Chart Tools) Design tab, click the Add Chart Element button,
choose Gridlines on the drop-down list, and select or deselect an option
on the submenu.
Click the Chart Elements button, choose Gridlines, and select or
deselect a check box on the submenu, as shown in Figure 1-6.
Deselecting all the gridline options removes the gridlines from a chart.
Choose More Options on the submenu to open the Format Major Gridlines
task pane, where you can change the color of gridlines, make gridlines
semitransparent, and make gridlines wider or narrower.
Figure 1-6:
a Gridlines
option by
way of
the Chart
Chapter 1
Gridlines are essential for helping read charts, but be very, very careful
about displaying minor gridlines on charts. These lines can make your chart
unreadable. They can turn a perfectly good chart into a gaudy pinstripe suit.
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