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Chart Tricks for the Daring and Heroic
2. On the (Chart Tools) Format tab, open the Chart Elements drop-down
list and choose Plot Area.
3. Click the Format Selection button.
4. In the Format Plot Area task pane, click the Picture or Texture Fill
option button.
5. Click the File button.
You see the Insert Picture dialog box.
6. Locate the picture you need and select it.
Try to select a light-colored picture that will serve as a background.
Chapter 3 of this mini-book explains how you can recolor a picture to
make it lighter.
7. Click the Insert button.
The picture lands in your chart.
You may need to change the color of the data markers — the columns, bars,
lines, or pie slices — on your chart to make them stand out against the
picture. See “Changing a chart element’s color, font, or other particular,”
earlier in this chapter.
Annotating a chart
To highlight part of a chart — an especially large pie slice, a tall column, or a
bar showing miniscule sales figures — annotate it with a callout text box and
place the text box beside the pie slice, column, or bar. Figure 1-9 shows an
example of an annotated chart. The annotation tells you that one sector isn’t
performing especially well and somebody ought to get on the ball.
Chapter 1
Figure 1-9:
point out
a chart’s
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