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Troubleshooting a Chart
Figure 1-10:
A trendline
changes in
Follow these steps to put a trendline on a chart:
1. On the (Chart Tools) Layout tab, click the Add Chart Element button.
2. Choose Trendline on the drop-down list and select a trendline option
on the submenu.
You can choose More Trendline Options on the submenu to open the
Format Trendline task pane and choose additional types of trendlines.
The Add Trendline dialog box appears.
3. Choose the data series that you want to highlight with a trendline and
click OK.
To change the look of a trendline, right-click it and choose Format
Trendline. In the Format Trendline task pane, choose a line color and
line style.
To remove a trendline from a chart, go to the (Chart Tools) Design tab, click
the Add Chart Element button, choose Trendline on the drop-down list, and
choose None on the submenu.
Chapter 1
Troubleshooting a Chart
Sometimes tinkering with a chart opens a Pandora’s Box of problems. You
find yourself having to correct little errors that appear in charts. Here are
some shorthand instructions for fixing common chart problems:
The dates in the chart aren’t formatted right. To change the way in
which dates are formatted on a chart, go to the (Chart Tools) Format
tab, open the Chart Elements drop-down list, and choose Horizontal
(Value) Axis or Vertical (Value) Axis. Then click the Format Selection
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