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Troubleshooting a Chart
button, and in the Format Axis task pane, go to the Number category,
select Date in the Category menu, and choose a date format.
The numbers in the chart aren’t formatted right. To change the number
of decimal places, include comma separators in numbers, display
currency symbols, or do all else that pertains to numbers, go to the (Chart
Tools) Format tab, open the Chart Elements drop-down list, and choose
Horizontal (Value) Axis or Vertical (Value) Axis. Then click the Format
Selection button. You see the Format Axis task pane. Visit the Number
category and select options for displaying numbers.
“Category 1” or “Series 1” appears in the chart legend. To direct you
to the right place to enter data in the data grid, phantom names such
as “Category 1” and “Series 1” appear in worksheets. Sometimes these
phantoms wind up in chart legends as well. To remove them, go to the
(Chart Tools) Design tab and click the Edit Data button. You see the data
grid, where the data range used to generate the chart is enclosed in a
blue box. Drag the lower-right corner of the box so that the box encloses
only the data you want for your chart.
In 3D charts, small markers are obscured by large markers in the
foreground. For all the data markers to be shown in a 3D chart, the smaller
ones have to be in the foreground. To rearrange data markers, go to the
(Chart Tools) Design tab and click the Select Data button to open the
Select Data Source dialog box. Then select a series and click the Up or
Down button to rearrange the series in your chart. Series that are high
on the list go to the back of the chart; series that are low on the list go to
the front.
The chart doesn’t gather all data from the worksheet. On the (Chart
Tools) Design tab, click the Edit Data button, and in the data grid that
stores data for your chart, enlarge the blue data-range box so that it
encloses all your data. You can enlarge the box by dragging its
lowerright corner.
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