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Chapter 2: Making a SmartArt Diagram
Chapter 2: Making a SmartArt
In This Chapter
Creating a diagram
Repositioning and resizing diagrams
Laying out and changing the look of diagram shapes
Entering text on a diagram shape
Changing the appearance of a diagram
Creating a diagram from shapes
Along with charts and tables, diagrams are the best way to present your
ideas. Diagrams clearly show, for example, employees’ relationships
with one another, product cycles, workflow processes, and spheres of
influence. A diagram is an excellent marriage of images and words. Diagrams
allow an audience to literally visualize a concept, idea, or relationship.
This chapter explains how to construct diagrams from SmartArt graphics
and how to create a diagram. It shows how to customize diagrams by
changing the size of diagrams and diagram shapes, adding and removing shapes,
and changing shapes’ colors. You also discover how to change the direction
of a diagram and enter the text. Finally, this chapter demonstrates how to
create a diagram from scratch with shapes and connectors.
The Basics: Creating SmartArt Diagrams
In Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, diagrams are made from SmartArt graphics.
These diagram graphics are “interactive” in the sense that you can move,
alter, and write text on them. In other words, you can use them to construct
diagrams. You can alter these diagrams to your liking. You can make a
diagram portray precisely what you want it to portray, although you usually
have to wrestle with the diagram a bit.
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