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Creating the Initial Diagram
If you intend to construct a “flow chart type” diagram with many branches
and levels, go to the Hierarchy category and select the Organization Chart or
one of the hierarchy diagrams. As “Laying Out the Diagram Shapes” explains
later in this chapter, only these choices permit you to make a diagram with
many different branches and levels.
Making the diagram your own
After you select a generic diagram in the Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog
box and click OK, the next step is to make the diagram your own by
completing these tasks:
Change the diagram’s size and position: Change the size and position
of a diagram to make it fit squarely on your page or slide. See “Changing
the Size and Position of a Diagram,” later in this chapter.
Add shapes to (or remove shapes from) the diagram: Adding a shape
involves declaring where to add the shape, promoting or demoting the
shape with respect to other shapes, and declaring how the new shape
connects to another shape. See “Laying Out the Diagram Shapes,” later
in this chapter.
Enter text: Enter text on each shape, or component, of the diagram. See
“Handling the Text on Diagram Shapes,” later in this chapter.
If you so desire, you can also customize your diagram by taking on some or
all of these tasks:
Changing its overall appearance: Choose a different color scheme or
3D variation for your diagram. See “Choosing a Look for Your Diagram,”
later in this chapter.
Changing shapes: Select a new shape for part of your diagram, change
the size of a shape, or assign different colors to shapes to make shapes
stand out. See “Changing the Appearance of Diagram Shapes,” later in
this chapter.
Chapter 2
If you’re comfortable creating a diagram of your own by drawing shapes and
lines, no law says you have to begin in the Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog
box. Later in this chapter, “Creating a Diagram from Scratch” looks into
creating a diagram by making use of text boxes, lines, and shapes.
Creating the Initial Diagram
The first step in fashioning a diagram is to choose a SmartArt graphic in the
Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box. After that, you roll up your sleeves,
change the diagram’s size and shape, and enter the text. If you select the
wrong diagram to start with, all is not lost. You can choose another diagram
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