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Changing the Look of Text
Deleting text
To delete text, select it and press the Delete key. By the way, you can kill two
birds with one stone by selecting text and then starting to type. The letters
you type immediately take the place of and delete the text you selected.
You can always click the Undo button (or press Ctrl+Z) if you regret deleting
text. This button is located on the Quick Access toolbar.
Changing the Look of Text
What text looks like is determined by its font, the size of the letters, the
color of the letters, and whether text effects or font styles such as italic or
boldface are in the text. What text looks like really matters in Word and
PowerPoint because files you create in those applications are meant to be
read by all and sundry. Even in Excel, Access, and Outlook messages,
however, font choices matter because the choices you make determine whether
your work is easy to read and understand.
The Format Painter: A fast way
to change the look of text
When you’re in a hurry to change the look of
text and reformat paragraphs, consider using
the Format Painter. This nifty tool works
something like a paintbrush. You drag it over text to
copy formats from place to place. Follow these
instructions to use the Format Painter:
1. Click a place with text and paragraph
formats that you want to copy elsewhere (or
select the text).
3. Drag the pointer across text to which you
want to copy the formats.
You can go from place to place with the
Format Painter.
4. Click the Format Painter button a second
time or press Esc when you finish using
the Format Painter.
Press Esc or click the Format Painter button
again to cease using the Format Painter if
you used it to copy formats to more than
one location.
At the opposite end of the spectrum
from the Format Painter button is the
Clear All Formatting button on the
Home tab. You can select text and click
this button to strip text of all its formats,
whatever they may be.
On the Home tab (or the Format Text
tab in an Outlook message), click
or double-click the Format Painter
button (or press Ctrl+Shift+C).
You can find the Format Painter button in
the Clipboard group. Click the button to
copy formats once; double-click to copy
formats to more than one location. The
pointer changes into a paintbrush.
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