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Laying Out the Diagram Shapes
Select the diagram shape that needs repositioning and click the Move Up or
Move Down button as many times as necessary to land the shape in the right
Adding shapes to diagrams apart
from hierarchy diagrams
Unlike hierarchy diagrams, list, process, cycle, relationship, and matrix
diagrams don’t have branches. They always travel in one direction only. This
makes adding shapes to these diagrams fairly straightforward. To add a
shape, you select a shape in the diagram and then add the new shape so that
it appears before or after the shape you selected, as shown in Figure 2-3.
Figure 2-3:
To add a
shape, start
by selecting
the shape
that your
new shape
will go
before or
Chapter 2
Follow these steps to add a shape to a list, process, cycle, relationship,
matrix, or pyramid diagram:
1. In your diagram, select the shape that your new shape will appear
before or after.
Earlier in this chapter, “Selecting a diagram shape” explains how to
select diagram shapes.
2. Choose the Add Shape After or Add Shape Before command.
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