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Laying Out the Diagram Shapes
To get to these commands, use one of these techniques:
• Onthe(SmartArtTools)Designtab,openthedrop-downlistonthe
Add Shape button and choose Add Shape After or Add Shape Before,
as shown in Figure 2-3.
Right-clicktheshapeyouselected,chooseAddShapeontheshortcut menu, and then choose Add Shape After or Add Shape Before on
the submenu.
Adding shapes to hierarchy diagrams
Hierarchy diagrams are more complex than other diagrams because they
branch out such that shapes are found on different levels. This branching
out makes adding shapes to hierarchy diagrams problematic.
As shown in Figure 2-4, Office offers four Add Shape commands for adding
shapes to hierarchy diagrams: Add Shape After, Add Shape Before, Add Shape
Above, and Add Shape Below. What these commands do depends on whether
the diagram is horizontally or vertically oriented, because what constitutes
after, before, above, and below is different in vertical and horizontal diagrams.
Suffice it to say that when you add shapes to hierarchy diagrams, you often
have to try different commands, clicking the Undo button and starting all over
until you get it right.
Figure 2-4:
You can
add a
shape after,
above, or
below a
shape in a
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