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Changing the Appearance of Diagram Shapes
Figure 2-11:
Ways to
make a
shape stand
Restyling a shape: Select an option in the Shape Styles gallery to give a
shape a makeover.
Filling a shape with a new color: Click the Shape Fill button and make a
choice from the drop-down list to select a color, picture, two-color
gradient, or texture for the shape.
Changing the outline: Click the Shape Outline button and choose a
color and weight for the shape’s border on the drop-down list.
Applying a shape effect: Click the Shape Effects button to select a shape
effect for your shape.
Editing 3-D diagrams in 2-D
Three-dimensional diagrams are wonderful.
You can impress your friends with a 3-D
diagram. All you have to do to turn a mundane
two-dimensional diagram into a
three-dimensional showpiece is go to the (SmartArt Tools)
Design tab, open the SmartArt Styles gallery,
and select a 3-D option.
Unfortunately, editing a 3-D diagram can be
difficult. The shapes and text are all aslant. It’s
hard to tell where to click or what to drag when
you’re editing a 3-D diagram.
Fortunately, you can get around the problem
of editing a 3-D diagram by temporarily
displaying it in two dimensions. On the (SmartArt
Tools) Format tab, click the Edit in 2-D button to
temporarily render a 3-D graphic in two
dimensions. Click the button a second time to return
to the third dimension.
Chapter 2
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