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Inserting a Picture in an Office File
After a picture lands in a file, it becomes an object. Chapter 4 of this
minibook explains how to manipulate objects — how to move them, change their
size, and change their borders. Later in this chapter, “Touching Up a
Picture” looks into various ways to change the appearance of graphics.
Inserting a picture of your own
Inserting a picture stored on your computer (or computer network) is as
simple as choosing it in the Insert Picture dialog box. Follow these steps to
insert a picture on a PowerPoint slide, Word document, or Excel worksheet:
1. Go to the Insert tab.
2. Click the Pictures button.
You see the Insert Picture dialog box, as shown in Figure 3-2. In
PowerPoint, you can also open this dialog box by clicking the picture
icon in a content placeholder frame.
Figure 3-2:
You can
preview a
picture file
before you
insert it.
3. Select a file in the Insert Picture dialog box.
As Figure 3-2 shows, you can choose a View option to see what a graphic
looks like.
You can click the File Types button to open a drop-down list and choose
a file type to locate files of a certain type in the dialog box.
4. Click the Insert button.
Go to the (Picture Tools) Format tab to see all the different ways you
can manipulate a picture after you insert it.
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