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Touching Up a Picture
Making a color transparent
The (Picture Tools) Format tab offers the Set
Transparent Color command for making one
color in a picture transparent and thereby
allowing the background to show through in
certain parts of a picture. The Set Transparent
Color command works by making all the pixels
in a picture that are the same color
transparent. In a picture in which one color
predominates, you can make this color transparent and
get some interesting effects.
To experiment with the Set Transparent Color
1. Select the picture.
2. On the (Picture Tools) Format tab, click the
Color button and choose Set Transparent
Color on the drop-down list.
3. Click in your picture on the color that you
want to be transparent.
You can choose the Set Transparent Color
command again and make another color in
your picture transparent.
Live-previewing really comes in handy when you’re recoloring a graphic. As
you change Color Saturation and Color Tone settings, you can see the effect
of your choices on the picture.
Choosing an artistic effect
Figure 3-7 demonstrates four of the 23 artistic effects that you can apply to a
picture: Pencil Sketch, Glow Diffused, Glass, and Glow Edges. To experiment
with the artistic effects and maybe find one to your liking, select your
picture and use one of these techniques:
Go to the (Picture Tools) Format tab, click the Artistic Effects button,
and choose an effect on the drop-down list.
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