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Touching Up a Picture
If you don’t like the picture style you chose (or you don’t care for any
change you made to a picture), click the Reset Picture button to reverse all
your format changes and start over.
If you like the picture styles, you may be enamored as well with the picture
effects. On the (Picture Tools) Format tab, click the Picture Effects button
and experiment with the options on the drop-down list and sublists.
Cropping off part of a picture
Cropping means to cut off part of a picture. I’m afraid you can’t use the Office
cropping tool like a pair of scissors or an Xacto knife to zigzag cut around
the edges of a picture or cut a hole in the middle. You can, however, cut
strips from the side, top, or bottom. In Figure 3-9, the cropping tool is being
used to cut off extraneous parts of a picture.
Figure 3-9:
Cropping off
parts of a
Select your picture, go to the (Picture Tools) Format tab, and use one of
these techniques to crop it:
Crop manually: Crop the picture by dragging its cropping handles. Click
the Crop button. Cropping handles appear around the picture, as in
Figure 3-9. Drag cropping handles to lop off a part or parts of the picture.
Click the Crop button again or press Esc after you finish cropping.
Crop to a shape: Crop the picture to a rectangle, circle, or other shape.
Open the drop-down list on the Crop button, choose Crop to Shape, and
select a shape in the Shapes gallery.
Crop to proportions: Crop the picture to a proportional size setting.
Open the drop-down list on the Crop button, choose Aspect Ratio, and
choose a ratio. For example, choose 1:1 to crop to a perfect square with
the width and height the same size.
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