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Touching Up a Picture
Crop by filling: For placing an image in a picture placeholder, crop the
image to make it fit in the placeholder box.
Crop by fitting: For placing an image in a picture placeholder, shrink the
picture to make it fit.
With the cropping handles showing, you can drag the picture left, right, up,
or down to determine where it is cropped.
Another way to crop pictures is to click the Size group button on the (Picture
Tools) Format tab and enter measurements in the Crop category of the Format
Picture task pane (Word doesn’t allow cropping this way). Use this method if
you need to crop several different pictures in the same manner.
When you crop a picture, you don’t cut off a part of it — not as far as your
computer is concerned. All you do is tell Office not to display part of a
graphic. The graphic is still whole. You can, however, compress a graphic
after you crop it, and in so doing truly shave off a part of the graphic and
thereby decrease the size of the file you’re working with, as “Compressing
Pictures to Save Disk Space” explains later in this chapter.
Removing the background
Yet another way to diddle with pictures is to use the Remove Background
command. This command endeavors to locate the unessential parts of a
picture so that you can remove them. In Figure 3-10, I removed the sky and then
placed a rainbow clip-art image behind the skyline.
Select a picture and follow these steps to test-drive the Remove Background
1. On the (Picture Tools) Format tab, click the Remove Background
The Background Removal tab opens and the parts of your picture that
Office wants to remove turn a lurid shade of magenta, which you could
see in Figure 3-10 if this topic were in color.
Chapter 3
2. On the Background Removal tab, indicate what you want to keep
and remove.
Keep your eye on what’s magenta and what’s not as you use these
techniques, and consider zooming to 200 percent or more so that you can
get a good look at your picture:
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