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The Basics: Drawing Lines, Arrows, and Shapes
The Basics: Drawing Lines, Arrows, and Shapes
Figure 4-1 demonstrates how you can use lines, arrows, and shapes (not
to mention text boxes) to illustrate ideas and concepts. Sometimes, saying
it with lines and shapes is easier and more informative than saying it with
words. Even in Excel worksheets, you can find opportunities to use lines,
arrows, and shapes. For example, draw arrows and lines on worksheets to
illustrate which cells are used to compute formulas.
Figure 4-1:
by including
arrows, and
shapes in
your work.
Follow these basic steps to draw a line, arrow, or shape:
1. Go to the Insert tab.
In Word, you must be in Print Layout view to draw and see lines and
2. Click the Shapes button to open the Insert Shapes gallery.
As shown in Figure 4-2, the Shapes gallery appears. The shapes are
divided into several categories, including Lines, Basic Shapes, and Block
Arrows, as well as a category at the top of the gallery where shapes you
chose recently are shown. (PowerPoint also offers the Shapes button on
the Home tab.)
3. Select a line, arrow, or shape in the Shapes gallery.
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