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Handling Lines, Arrows, and Connectors
Figure 4-2:
To draw a
line, arrow,
or shape,
choose it in
the Shapes
4. Drag on your page, slide, or worksheet.
As you drag, the line, arrow, or shape appears before your eyes.
5. To alter your line, arrow, or shape — that is, to change its size, color,
or outline — go to the (Drawing Tools) Format tab.
This tab offers many commands for manipulating lines and shapes.
(Those commands are explained throughout this chapter.) You must
select a line or shape to make the (Drawing Tools) Format tab appear.
In the upper-left corner of the (Drawing Tools) Format tab is another
Shapes gallery for creating new shapes to go along with the one you
Chapter 4
Handling Lines, Arrows, and Connectors
Earlier in this chapter, Figure 4-1 shows examples of how you can use lines
and arrows to present ideas. As well as lines and arrows, the Insert Shapes
gallery offers connectors, the special lines that link shapes and can bend and
stretch as you move shapes around. Use connectors along with lines and
arrows to describe the relationships between the people or things in a
diagram. These pages explain how to handle lines, arrows, and connectors.
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