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Changing an Object’s Size and Shape
By the way, fans of the metric system will be pleased to know that you can
display centimeters (or millimeters, points, or picas) on the ruler instead of
inches. On the File tab, choose Options. In the Options dialog box, go to the
Advanced category, open the Show Measurements in Units Of drop-down
list, and choose a unit of measurement.
Changing an Object’s Size and Shape
Usually when an object arrives on-screen, you have to wrestle with it. You
have to change its size (and sometimes its shape as well). Figure 4-11
demonstrates how to resize an object. Select your object and use one of these
methods to change its size and shape:
“Eyeball it”: Hold down the Shift key and drag a corner selection handle
to make the object larger or smaller but maintain its proportions. Drag a
selection handle on the side to stretch or crimp an object and change its
shape as well as its size.
Figure 4-11:
Ways to
resize an
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