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Changing an Object’s Color, Outline Color, and Transparency
Using the eyedropper to select an
on-screen color (PowerPoint only)
Suppose you become enamored of a color
that you see on your screen and you want to
apply this color to an object. For example,
suppose you want to apply the particular shade of
yellow in your company logo to a shape. Using
the eyedropper, you can select the color you
like so well and apply it to an object on a page
or slide. Follow these steps:
1. Select the text box, shape, slide, WordArt
image, or other object that needs recoloring.
2. On the Format tab, click the Shape Fill
button and choose Eyedropper on the
drop-down list.
The pointer changes to an eyedropper.
3. Move the eyedropper over the on-screen
color that you want for the object you
selected in Step 1.
If the on-screen color is on a Word page,
PowerPoint slide, or Excel spreadsheet,
simply move the eyedropper over the color.
If the on-screen color is outside your
Office application — if it’s on a web page,
for example — hold down the left mouse
button as you drag the eyedropper outside
the application window. Drag the
eyedropper until it is over the color you want.
A pop-up color box shows the color that the
eyedropper is on, the name of the color, and
the color’s RGB (red green blue) settings.
4. Click when the pop-up color box shows
you the color you want for the object you
selected in Step 1.
The object you selected in Step 1 gets the
new color.
How you move the eyedropper depends on
where the color you want is located on the
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