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Chapter 2: Ways of Distributing Your Work
Chapter 2: Ways of Distributing
Your Work
In This Chapter
Printing files
Saving files so that others can read them in Adobe Acrobat Reader
Sending a file by e-mail
Saving a file so that it can be viewed in a web browser
Writing and keeping a blog from inside Word
This chapter explains how to distribute your work to co-workers and
friends. You’ll be glad to know that people who don’t have Office 2013
can still read and review an Office 2013 file you created. You can print it for
them, save it so it can be read in Adobe Acrobat Reader, or save it as a web
page. This chapter explains all that as well as how to send a file right away
by e-mail and write and post blog entries from inside Word. By the way,
Book IV, Chapter 5 describes other ways to distribute PowerPoint
presentations. You can provide audience handouts, ship presentations on CDs, and
save presentations as video files.
Printing — the Old Standby
In spite of predictions to the contrary, the paperless office is still a pipe
dream. The day has yet to materialize when Johnny at his computer is
completely digitized and communicating with his colleagues without having to
print anything on paper. As for Jane, she can hardly go a day without
printing reports, spreadsheets, and brochures. The office is still awash in paper,
and all Jane and Johnny can do for consolation is try their best to recycle.
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