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Saving an Office File as a Web Page
An Outlook 2013 message window appears with the name of your file on
the subject line and the file itself in the Attach box. Your presentation is
ready to send along with the e-mail message.
Book IX
Chapter 2
4. Enter the recipient’s address in the To box and a message in the
Message box.
Book VI, Chapter 3 explains how to address, compose, and send e-mail
messages with Outlook.
5. Click the Send button.
That was fast! It was faster than opening Outlook and attaching the file
to the e-mail message on your own.
Saving an Office File as a Web Page
Figure 2-3 shows what a Word document looks like after it is saved as a web
page and displayed in a web browser. Looks like a normal Word document,
doesn’t it? Anyone with a web browser can view a Word document or other
Office file after it’s saved as a web page. Save an Office file as a web page and
post it on the Internet so that people who don’t have Office can view it.
Figure 2-3:
A Word
saved as a
web page,
as seen
the eyes
of a web
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