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Creating Hyperlinks
2. If you’re looking to insert a symbol, not a foreign character, choose
Webdings or Wingdings 1, 2, or 3 in the Font drop-down list.
Book I
Chapter 2
Webdings and the Wingdings fonts offer all kinds of weird and wacky
3. Select a symbol or foreign character.
You may have to scroll to find the one you want.
4. Click the Insert button to enter the symbol and then click Close to
close the dialog box.
The Symbol dialog box lists the last several symbols or foreign
characters you entered under Recently Used Symbols. See whether the symbol
you need is listed there. It spares you the trouble of rummaging in the
Symbol dialog box. In Word, Outlook, and Publisher, you see the last
several symbols or foreign characters you entered on a drop-down list
after you click the Symbol button.
Creating Hyperlinks
A hyperlink is an electronic shortcut from one place to another. If you’ve
spent any time on the Internet, you know what a hyperlink is. Clicking
hyperlinks on the Internet takes you to different web pages or different places on
the same web page. In the Office applications, you can use hyperlinks to
connect readers to your favorite web pages or to a different page, slide, or file.
You can fashion a link out of a word or phrase as well as any object — a
clipart image, text box, shape, or picture.
These pages explain how to insert a hyperlink to another place in your file as
well as create links to web pages. You also discover how to enter an e-mail
hyperlink that makes it easy for others to e-mail you. By the way, the Office
applications create a hyperlink for you automatically when you type a word
that begins with www and ends with .com or .net . The programs create an
automatic e-mail hyperlink when you enter letters that include the at symbol
(@) and end in .com or .net .
Linking a hyperlink to a web page
It could well be that a web page on the Internet has all the information your
readers need. In that case, you can link to the web page so that viewers can
visit it in the course of viewing your file. When a viewer clicks the link, a web
browser opens and the web page appears.
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