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Creating Hyperlinks
Click Browsed Pages: The dialog box lists web pages you recently
visited after you click this button, as shown in Figure 2-7. Choose a
web page.
Book I
Chapter 2
Type (or copy) a web page address into the Address text box: Enter the
address of the web page. You can right-click the text box and choose
Paste to copy a web page address into the text box.
5. Click the ScreenTip button, enter a ScreenTip in the Set Hyperlink
ScreenTip dialog box, and click OK.
Viewers can read the ScreenTip you enter when they move their
pointers over the hyperlink.
6. Click OK in the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.
I would test the hyperlink if I were you to make sure it takes viewers to
the right web page. To test a hyperlink, Ctrl+click it or right-click it and
choose Open Hyperlink on the shortcut menu.
Creating a hyperlink to another place in your file
Follow these steps to create a hyperlink to another place in your file:
1. Select the text or object that will form the hyperlink.
2. On the Insert tab, click the Hyperlink button (or press Ctrl+K).
You see the Insert Hyperlink dialog box. (Depending on the size of
your screen, you may have to click the Links button before you see the
Hyperlink button.) Another way to open this dialog box is to right-click
and choose Hyperlink in the shortcut menu.
3. Under Link To, select Place in This Document.
What you see in the dialog box depends on which program you’re
working in:
• Word: You see bookmarks and headings to which you’ve assigned a
heading style.
• PowerPoint: You see a list of slides in your presentation, as well as
links to the first, last, next, and previous slide, as shown in Figure 2-8.
• Excel: You see boxes for entering cell references and defined cell
4. Select the target of the hyperlink.
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