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Viewing a File Through More Than One Window
Viewing a File Through More Than One Window
By way of the commands in the Window group in the View tab, you can be
two places simultaneously, at least where Office is concerned. You can work
on two files at once. You can place files side by side on the screen and do a
number of other things to make your work a little easier.
On the View tab, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint offer these buttons in the
Window group:
New Window: Opens another window on your file so you can be two
places at once in the same file. To go back and forth between windows,
click a taskbar button or click the Switch Windows button and choose a
window name on the drop-down list. Click a window’s Close button
when you finish looking at it.
Arrange All: Arranges open windows side by side on-screen.
Switch Windows: Opens a drop-down list with open windows so you can
travel between windows.
You can also take advantage of these Window buttons in Word and Excel to
compare files:
View Side by Side: Displays files side by side so you can compare and
contrast them.
Synchronous Scrolling: Permits you to scroll two files at the same
rate so you can proofread one against the other. To use this
command, start by clicking the View Side by Side button. After you click the
Synchronous Scrolling button, click the Reset Window Position button
so both files are displayed at the same size on-screen.
Reset Window Position: Makes files being shown side by side the same
size on-screen to make them easier to compare.
Correcting Typos on the Fly
The unseen hand of Office 2013 corrects some typos and misspellings
automatically. For example, try typing accomodate with one m — Office corrects
the misspelling and inserts the second m for you. Try typing perminent with
an i instead of an a — the invisible hand of Office corrects the misspelling,
and you get permanent. While you’re at it, type a colon and a close parenthesis
:) — you get a smiley face.
As good as the AutoCorrect feature is, you can make it even better. You can
also add the typos and misspellings you often make to the list of words that
are corrected automatically.
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