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Entering Text Quickly with the AutoCorrect Command
To make AutoCorrect work as a means of entering text, you tell Office to
enter the text whenever you type three or four specific characters. In Figure
3-4, for example, Office is instructed to insert the words cordyceps sinensis (a
mushroom genus) whenever I enter the characters /cs (and press the
spacebar). Follow these steps to use AutoCorrect to enter text:
Book I
Chapter 3
1. Open the AutoCorrect tab of the AutoCorrect dialog box (see
Figure 3-4).
2. In the Replace text box, enter the three or four characters that will
trigger the AutoCorrect mechanism and make it enter your text.
Don’t enter a word, or characters that you might really type someday,
in the Replace box. If you do, the AutoCorrect mechanism might kick
in when you least expect it. Enter three or four characters that never
appear together. And start all AutoCorrect entries with a slash (/). You
might forget which characters trigger the AutoText entry or decide to
delete your AutoCorrect entry someday. By starting it with a slash,
you can find it easily in the AutoCorrect dialog box at the top of the
Replace list.
3. In the With text box, enter the hard-to-type name or word(s) that will
appear when you enter the Replace text.
4. Click the Add button.
5. Click OK.
Test your AutoCorrect entry by typing the Replace text you entered in
Step 2 (which, of course, includes the slash I recommended) and
pressing the spacebar. (AutoCorrect doesn’t do its work until you press the
To delete an AutoCorrect entry, open the AutoCorrect dialog box, select the
entry, and click the Delete button.
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