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Creating a New Document
Creating a New Document
Document is just a fancy word for a letter, report, announcement, or
proclamation that you create with Word. All documents are created using a special
kind of file called a template. The template provides the formats — the fonts,
styles, margin specifications, layouts and other stuff — that give a document
its appearance.
When you create a document, you are asked to choose a template to
establish what your document will look like. If your aim is to create an academic
report, flyer, newsletter, calendar, résumé, or other sophisticated document,
see if you can spare yourself the formatting work by choosing the
appropriate template when you create your document. (Chapter 3 of this mini-book
explains templates in detail and how to create your own templates.)
Book II
Chapter 1
To create a document, start by going to the File tab and choosing New. The
New window shown in Figure 1-2 appears. In this window, choose a template
and then click the Create button to create your document.
Use these techniques in the New window to choose a template and create a
Choose the blank document template: Choose Blank Document to
create a bare-bones document with few styles. Blank Document is the
default template for creating documents. (By pressing Ctrl+N, you can
create a new document without opening the New window.)
Search online for a template: Enter a search term in the Search box
and click the Start Searching button (or click a suggested search term).
Templates appear in the New window. You can click a template to
examine it closely in a preview window (refer to Figure 1-2). Click the Create
button to create a document from the template.
Choose a featured template: On the Featured tab, select a template to
examine it in a preview window (refer to Figure 1-2). Click the Create
button in the preview window to create a document from the template.
Choose a personal template: On the Personal tab, click to select a
template and create a document. A personal template is one that you
created or copied to your computer or network.
To see the Personal tab in the New window and be able to select a
personal template, you must tell Word where personal templates are
stored on your computer or network. On the File tab, choose Options. In
the Save category of the Options dialog box, go to the Default Personal
Templates Location text box and enter the path to the folder where your
personal templates are stored. In previous editions of Word (and Office),
personal templates were stored in this folder:
C:\Users\ Owner or Owner’s Name \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates
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