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Moving Around Quickly in Documents
Viewing the hidden format symbols
Sometimes it pays to see the hidden format
symbols when you’re editing and laying out
a document. The symbols show line breaks,
tab spaces, paragraph breaks, and the space
or spaces between words. To see the hidden
format symbols, go to the Home tab and click
the Show/Hide ¶ button (or press Ctrl+Shift+8).
Click the button again to hide the symbols.
Here’s what the hidden symbols look like
How to Enter
Line break ( )
Press Shift+Enter
Optional hyphen (-)
Press Ctrl+hyphen
Paragraph (¶)
Press Enter
Space (·)
Press the spacebar
Tab ( )
Press Tab
Moving Around Quickly in Documents
Besides sliding the scroll bar, Word offers a handful of very speedy
techniques for jumping around in documents: pressing shortcut keys, using the
Go To command, and navigating with the Navigation pane. Read on to
discover how to get there faster, faster, faster.
Keys for getting around quickly
One of the fastest ways to go from place to place is to press the keys and key
combinations listed in Table 1-2.
Table 1-2
Keys for Moving Around Documents
Key to Press
Where It Takes You
Up the length of one screen
Down the length of one screen
To the start of the line
To the end of the line
To the previous page in the document
To the next page in the document
To the top of the document
To the bottom of the document
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