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Chapter 5: E-Mail Tools You Can’t Do Without
Setting flags for different days
If you only click once on a message to add a flag, a copy of the message
appears in your Task list, along with the list of things you’re scheduled to
do today. You might not be ready to deal with a certain message today; you
might prefer to put it off until tomorrow or next week. If you right-click the
flag icon on the Message form (shown in Figure 5-1), you see a list of possible
due dates for a flag, including Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week,
No Date, and Custom. (The 12th of Never remains unavailable. Sorry.) After
you’ve picked a due date, you can always change it by dragging the item from
one due date to another in the To-Do bar. For example, you can drag an item
from the Today group to the Next Week group (if both groups are visible).
You can also double-click the item to reopen it and choose a different due
date. If the due date comes and goes without your changing a flag (such as
marking it complete or updating the due date), the message heading in your
Inbox and To-Do bar turns red.
Changing the default flag date
For unusually busy people and compulsive procrastinators, you can change
the default due dates of your flags by following these steps:
1. Click the Follow-up button in the Tags group of the Ribbon.
The flag shortcut menu appears.
2. Choose Set Quick Click.
Another shortcut menu appears, offering several choices of due date;
see Figure 5-2.
Figure 5-2:
Choose from
a lovely
assortment of
default flag
3. Pick the date that suits you.
The date you choose becomes the default flag due date.
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