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Chapter 5: E-Mail Tools You Can’t Do Without
If you have trouble committing to a date (you’re so fickle), you can choose
No Date and just wait until someone complains. I call that the Squeaky Wheel
school of time management: Put everything off until somebody yells about
something, and then just do that. It’s a popular approach with people who
work for the government.
Adding a flag with a customized reminder
Of course, flags can do a lot more than stand there looking pretty for a week
or so. Outlook flags can pop up and remind you to do something at any time
you choose. They can also pop up and pester someone else when you put a
reminder on a message you send. (Who could resist that?) Adding a reminder
to a flag takes more than one click — but not much more. To attach a flag to
your e-mail messages (those you send and those you receive), follow these
1. Click the Mail button in the Navigation bar (or press Ctrl+Shift+I).
The Inbox screen opens, showing your incoming mail.
2. Right-click the flag on the message you want to flag.
The flag shortcut menu appears.
3. Choose Add Reminder.
The Custom dialog box appears. At this point, if you click the OK button
(or press Enter), your message is flagged and set to remind you at 4:00
p.m. today. That may be a wee bit too soon — especially if it’s already
after 4:00 p.m. — so you can set more detailed options by using the
remaining steps.
4. Click the triangle at the right end of the Flag To text box and choose
one of the menu items (or type your own choice).
One handy flag is Follow Up, which reminds you to confirm an appointment
or other arrangement.
5. Enter dates in the Start Date box, Due Date box, Reminder box, or all
the boxes.
The date and time you type in the Reminder box indicate when a
reminder will pop up to jog your memory. The other two dates help you
keep track of how many tasks you’re juggling at once. You can be pretty
loose about how you enter dates in Outlook. You can type the date
3/2/11 ; Outlook understands. You can type first Wednesday of March ;
Outlook understands. You can type week from Wednesday ; Outlook
understands that to mean “seven days after the Wednesday that comes
after today.” You don’t even have to worry about capitalization. (Don’t
type I hate Mondays , though — Outlook doesn’t understand that. But I do.)
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