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Chapter 5: E-Mail Tools You Can’t Do Without
If you’d rather just pick a date from a calendar, you can click the arrow
at the right end of any of the date boxes to reveal a calendar and then
just click the date you want.
6. Click OK.
When the reminder date you entered in the Custom dialog box arrives, a
reminder dialog box helps give you a gentle nudge.
Changing the date on a reminder
Procrastination used to be an art; Outlook makes it a science. When someone
nags you with reminder, you can still put it off. Yes, dear, you can do it later.
To change the date on a reminder that someone sent you, follow these steps:
1. Click the Mail button in the Navigation bar (or press Ctrl+Shift+I).
The Inbox screen opens, showing your incoming mail.
2. Click the message that has a reminder you want to change.
The message appears highlighted to show that you’ve selected it.
You can right-click the message’s flag icon to open the Custom dialog
box or can you can access the Custom dialog box as described in the
next step.
3. Select the Home tab, choose Follow Up in the Ribbon, and then click
Add Reminder (or press Ctrl+Shift+G).
The Custom dialog box appears (see Figure 5-3).
Figure 5-3:
The Custom
dialog box
for setting
4. Select the Reminder check box and select the new date when you
want the reminder flag to appear.
If the check box is already selected, don’t click it; doing so would
deselect it. Enter the date and time when you think you’ll feel ready to
be flagged again. Typing 999 years from now will work — really!
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