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E-Mailing Screenshots
6. Select a name from your Address Book and click the To button in the
Select Names dialog box.
The name of the selected person appears in the To box of the Select
Names dialog box. If the name of the person to whom you want to send
your message isn’t in the list, you can select Suggested Contacts from
the Address Book drop-down list. (If the name of the person still doesn’t
appear in the list, click the Cancel button and return to the Message
form. Then just type the person’s e-mail address in the To text box and
skip ahead to Step 8.)
7. Click OK.
The name of the selected person is now in the To box of the message.
8. Click the Subject text box and type a subject for your message.
A subject is optional, but if you want somebody to read what you send,
including a subject helps.
9. Click the Send button.
Your message and its attachment are sent.
Another approach for sending an attachment is to find the file on your
computer using Windows Explorer, right-click that file, choose Send To from
the shortcut menu, and then click Mail Recipient. You can also drag and drop
attachments directly into Outlook’s New Message form.
E-Mailing Screenshots
They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Many of those words become
four-letter words when your computer is acting up, making it tough to
describe the nature of your problem accurately. Outlook can help when other
computer programs give you grief.
A screenshot is a picture of your computer screen that you capture to show
what’s going on. This topic contains hundreds of screenshots of Microsoft
Outlook, which I include to make it easier for you to understand what I mean.
You can do exactly that same thing with the screenshot feature in Microsoft
To include a screenshot in an e-mail message, do this:
1. With an e-mail message or reply open, click the Insert tab on the
You’ll need to have your cursor inside the body of the e-mail message if
the screenshot button is grayed out.
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