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Filtering Junk E-Mail
Low: The junkiest of the junk gets moved, but a lot of nasty stuff
still gets through.
High: This setting is aggressive enough that you can expect to see
a certain amount of legitimate e-mail end up in the Junk E-Mail
folder. If you choose this setting, check your Junk E-Mail folder
from time to time to be sure that important messages don’t get
trashed by mistake.
Safe Lists Only: This setting moves all messages out of your Inbox
except for the ones from people or companies that you’ve
designated in your Safe Senders lists.
Also, the check boxes at the bottom of the Options tab offer you a range
of other choices:
•Permanently delete suspected junk e-mail instead of moving it to the
Junk E-Mail folder: I think this might be a bit too aggressive, but
it’s your choice. I haven’t seen a perfect Junk E-Mail filter yet, so
it’s probably better to push junk messages over to the Junk E-Mail
folder and manually empty the folder occasionally. On the other
hand, you may work in a company that limits the amount of e-mail
you’re allowed to store, and the messages in your Junk E-Mail
folder count against your limit. So zapping junk e-mail may be the
best option.
Figure 6-6:
Set your
junk e-mail
as high or
low as you
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