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Archiving for Posterity
Apply These Settings to All Folders Now button in the AutoArchive dialog
box — that is, all folders except for the Contacts folder, which can’t be
archived. Autoarchiving all your folders might not be a great idea if you never
clean out your Deleted Items or Junk E-Mail folders — you’d wind up archiving
lots of spam and deleted messages.
Setting AutoArchive for individual folders
It might be a better idea to set up the AutoArchive settings for each of
your folders individually so that you can have more control of what gets
autoarchived and what doesn’t. For this example, I use the Inbox folder and
set it to autoarchive every six months:
1. Click the Mail button in the Navigation pane (or press Ctrl+Shift+I).
The Mail module appears.
2. Select the word Inbox in the Folder pane.
The word Inbox is highlighted.
3. Select the Folder tab and click the AutoArchive Settings button in the
Properties section of the Ribbon.
The Inbox Properties dialog box opens, displaying the AutoArchive tab.
4. Select Archive This Folder Using These Settings.
5. Click the box with the triangle and select Months.
If you’d rather autoarchive messages from your Inbox that are much
more recent, choose Weeks or Days.
6. In the Clean Out Items Older Than text box, type the number 6.
The Inbox Properties dialog box should now indicate that items older
than six months will be cleaned out; see Figure 6-9. You can put any
number between 1 and 999 in the text box — which means that you can
autoarchive messages from the Inbox that are anywhere from a day old
to 999 months old.
7. Select Move Old Items to Default Archive Folder.
This setting will probably already be selected — but make sure that the
Permanently Delete Old Items option is not selected. If you select this
option, all old Inbox messages will be deleted instead of archived.
8. Click the OK button.
Even though you’re only setting the AutoArchive settings for a single
folder, you must turn on Outlook’s AutoArchive setting. If AutoArchive
is already turned on (as I describe in the previous section), the Inbox
Properties dialog box will close and you’re all set.
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