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Arranging Your Messages
You can reply to any message in the conversation list. If you reply to a
message that isn’t the most recent, you see a warning and get the chance to
open the latest message in the conversation.
When you reply to a message that is part of a conversation, don’t change the
subject of the message. If you do, Outlook doesn’t consider it part of the
conversation anymore — Outlook identifies a conversation partially by a
message’s Subject field. Don’t worry if messages come in with the same
Subject field that aren’t part of a conversation — Outlook is smart enough to
know the difference and doesn’t add them to the conversation.
Ignoring conversations
There often comes a point in a conversation where the discussion is no
longer of interest or relevance to you. It’s not uncommon for a conversation
to completely spiral off topic — what started out as a conversation about
when to have the next team meeting becomes a seemingly endless string of
back-and-forth jokes about how hot the conference room gets in the winter.
At any point that you no longer want to follow a conversation, you have an
easy way to ignore it. Select any message from the conversation and click the
appropriately named Ignore button on the Home tab. (You can also ignore a
conversation by right-clicking any of the messages in the conversation and
selecting Ignore from the drop-down list — or with any message selected
from the conversation you can press Ctrl+Delete). When you ignore a
conversation, all messages from the conversation that are in the Inbox, and
any other folder you moved messages from the conversation to, are dumped
into the Deleted Items folder. Messages from the conversation that are in
your Sent folder are not moved. All traces of the conversation are gone from
your Inbox and other folders. Even better, if any new messages from the
conversation arrive, they too are automatically sent to the Deleted Items
If you accidentally ignore a conversation, you can unignore it. Simply move
the messages from the conversation in the Deleted Items folder back into the
Cleaning up conversations
When someone replies to a message, most e-mail programs, by default,
include the text of the original message in the reply. When Outlook is first
installed, it is set to do this. To see this setting, click the File tab, click the
Options button in the Navigation pane on the left, click the Mail tab, and
scroll down to the Replies and Forwards section in the Outlook Options
dialog box.
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