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Arranging Your Messages
If everyone who sends a reply in a conversation includes the text of previous
messages from the conversation, each subsequent message becomes a
snapshot of the entire conversation thread up to that point. This creates a
lot of redundancy, because a lot of the same information is repeated in each
message. (Do I need to repeat that?)
Outlook can detect this redundancy and remove messages from a
conversation that contain information that is already included elsewhere in
the conversation — Outlook calls this cleaning up.
The quick-and-dirty way to clean up a conversation is to select a message in
the conversation that you want to clean up and press Alt+Delete.
The longer way to clean up is as follows:
1. Select the conversation you want to clean up.
The most recent received message of the conversation is selected. You
can do this in any folder that contains a message from the conversation.
2. Select the Home tab and click the Clean Up button in the Delete group
on the Ribbon.
A list drops down with three options (see Figure 6-13).
Figure 6-13:
The Clean
Up menu.
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