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Simplifying Tasks Using Quick Steps
Figure 6-14:
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Simplifying Tasks Using Quick Steps
By now, you’ve no doubt noticed that some Outlook actions take multiple
clicks of the mouse to complete, such as the process of replying to a message
and then deleting it. That’s not a big deal if you only perform a particular
action every once in awhile — but if it’s something you do regularly in
Outlook, it can quickly become a pain. If you do certain tasks on a regular
basis, Outlook’s Quick Steps feature can come to your rescue.
Quick Steps lets you reduce multistep tasks to a single click of the mouse.
You’ll find Quick Steps in the Mail module, sitting in the middle of the Home
tab’s Ribbon. Even though the Quick Steps box is visible only when using
the Mail module, you can use Quick Steps to speed up actions with most of
Outlook’s modules, such as Calendar or Tasks.
When you first install Outlook, the Quick Steps box already has six Quick
Steps in it (see Figure 6-15):
Move To: Use this Quick Step if you frequently move messages to a
specific folder. If you’ve yet to move a message to a folder in Outlook,
the Quick Step shows Move To: ?. If you’ve already moved messages to
folders, this Quick Step replaces the ? with the name of the last folder
you moved a message to, such as Move To: Personal.
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