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Simplifying Tasks Using Quick Steps
1. Click the Inbox icon in the Mail module’s Folder pane (or press
Your list of incoming mail messages appears.
2. Click the Home tab and find the Quick Step box’s scroll bar (on the
right side of the Quick Step box; it has one up and two down arrows).
Click the arrow on the bottom (the arrow with a line above it).
A list drops down with two options: New Quick Step and Manage Quick
3. Click New Quick Step.
A list of additional Quick Step templates appears; see Figure 6-17.
Selecting any of these opens the First Time Setup dialog box with
choices that apply to the particular type of task you selected. For
instance, if you select Move to Folder, the First Time Setup dialog box
asks you to pick which folder it will move the messages to, and it also
gives you the option of marking the messages as read. These additional
Quick Step templates are as follows:
•Move to Folder: This is essentially the same as Move To.
•Categorize & Move : This moves the selected message to a specific
folder, marks the message as read, and assigns a category color
and name to the message.
Figure 6-17:
Quick Step
from which
to choose.
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