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Simplifying Tasks Using Quick Steps
•Flag & Move: This moves the selected message to a specific folder,
marks the message as read, and assigns a flag to the message.
•New E-Mail To: This opens a New Message form with the To field
already filled out with a particular recipient.
•Forward To: This is essentially the same as To Manager.
•New Meeting: If you often send meeting invites to the same group
of people, use this Quick Step to open a New Meeting form with the
To field already filled in with the invitees.
•Custom: This opens the Edit Quick Step dialog box so that you can
create your own custom Quick Step.
4. Select a Quick Step template.
As you saw with the Move To Quick Step, a First Time Setup dialog box
5. Make your choices and name your template.
Depending on the task, you’ll need to tell Outlook where to move a
message, how to categorize a message, what flag to set, to whom to send
or forward a message, or to whom to send a meeting invitation. After
you input this information into the First Time Setup dialog box, be sure
to also give this Quick Step a name that will help you remember what it
6. Click the Finish button.
The First Time Setup dialog box closes.
Instead of selecting New Quick Step from the drop-down list, you could
choose Manage Quick Steps, which opens the Manage Quick Steps dialog box,
as shown in Figure 6-18. Here you can do a bunch of different things to your
Quick Steps, such as change the order in which they appear in the Quick Step
box in the Ribbon, change what they do, duplicate them, delete them, and
create new ones. If your Quick Steps are becoming an unruly mess and you
want start over from square one, click the Reset to Defaults button and all
the Quick Steps will revert to what they looked like when you first installed
Creating Quick Parts to save keystrokes
When you find yourself typing the same text into e-mail messages over and
over, you can reduce your effort by saving frequently used text as a Quick
Part. Quick Parts sound like Quick Steps — they’re different things, but
they’re both ridiculously simple.
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