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Chapter 7: Your Little Black Book: Creating Contacts Lists
Chapter 7
Your Little Black Book:
Creating Contacts Lists
In This Chapter
Storing names and addresses
Checking out the view
Sorting and rearranging views
Using grouped views
Finding names in your Contacts list
Sending a business card
Adding pictures to contacts
Y ou’ve heard people say, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.”
Well, how do you keep track of what you know about who you know?
You either need a terrific memory or a convenient tool for keeping track of all
those whatshisnames and whoziwhatzits out there. Years ago I had a habit of
keeping track of all the people I needed to know by memory. Then something
happened that changed that habit. What was it? I forget. But take my word
for it: I don’t go around memorizing names and numbers anymore. I put them
all into Outlook and make my computer do the memorizing. Now, instead
of wasting hours memorizing, I can spend quality time with my dear friends
Whatshisname and Whoziwhatzit.
All kidding aside, I work as a consultant and speaker and writer for computer
magazines and tech companies. The information I need to keep about
consulting clients (hours, locations, and whatnot) differs from the information
I need for dealing with people in the publishing business (editors, deadlines,
topics, and so on). I’m also active as a musician and filmmaker, and my
contacts in those businesses are two entirely different kettles of fish. But
when someone calls on the phone, or when I want to do a mailing to a group
from one world or another, I need to be able to look up the person right
away, regardless of which category the person fits in.
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