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Putting In Your Contacts: Names, Numbers, and Other Stuff
The Contacts list appears; see Figure 7-1.
2. Click the New Contact button.
The New Contact form appears.
To be really quick, press Ctrl+N to see the New Contact form shown in
Figure 7-2.
3. Click the Full Name button.
The Check Full Name dialog box appears (as shown in Figure 7-3).
4. Do some or all of the following:
•Clickthetriangle(calledthe scroll-down button ) on the right edge
of the Title text box. Either choose a title (such as Mr., Ms., or Dr. )
from the list that drops down, or type one (such as Reverend, Guru,
or Swami ).
any). If there’s no middle initial, you can leave this box blank.
Jr. or III ) or type one in the box (such as Ph.D., D.D.S., or B.P.O.E ).
Figure 7-1:
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