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Putting In Your Contacts: Names, Numbers, and Other Stuff
For numbers other than business and home phones, click the triangle
beside a number option, choose the kind of number you’re entering, and
then enter the number.
The New Contact form has four phone-number blocks. You can use any
of them for any of the 19 phone-number types available in the
dropdown list. You can also add custom fields to include more than four
phone numbers for a single contact. For the person who has everything,
you can create custom fields for that person’s Ski Phone, Submarine
Phone, Gym Phone — as many as you want. You can choose any of 19
phone-number types to enter, depending on what types of phone numbers
your contacts have; see Figure 7-5.
Figure 7-5:
You can
reach your
contact at
one of these
10. Click the triangle in the Addresses section to choose the type of
address you want to enter.
You can choose Business, Home, or Other.
11. Click the button in the Addresses section.
The Check Address dialog box opens.
12. Enter the following information in the appropriate boxes:
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