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Putting In Your Contacts: Names, Numbers, and Other Stuff
See Figure 7-6 for a look at a completed Check Address dialog box.
Figure 7-6:
The Check
dialog box.
13. Click OK.
The Check Address dialog box closes.
14. On the New Contact form, select the This Is the Mailing Address check
box if the address you just entered is the one to use for sending mail
to the contact.
15. Click in the Web Page Address text box and type the page’s address if
you want to link to that page directly from the Address Card.
To see a contact’s web page, open the contact record, click the More
button, and choose Web Page (or press Ctrl+Shift+X); your web browser
opens and opens the page.
In your web browser, you can see a web page by entering the URL for
the page in the Address box. If a person or company in your Outlook
Contacts list has a web page, you can enter the URL for that page in the
web page address box.
URL is a fancy name for the address of a page on the World Wide Web.
When you see ads on TV that refer to or www., what you’re seeing is a Uniform Resource Locator (the
even fancier term that URL stands for — essentially an Internet address).
16. Click in the large text box at the bottom right of the form and type in
anything you want.
You can enter directions, meeting details, the Declaration of
Independence — anything you want (preferably something that can help
you in your dealings with the contact).
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