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Viewing Your Contacts
To change the view of your Contacts list, follow these steps:
1. Click the People button in the Navigation pane (or press Ctrl+3).
The Contacts list appears in the main part of the Outlook screen; a list of
views appears in the top part of the Navigation pane.
2. Pick the view you want from the Current View category of the Ribbon.
The view you picked appears. If you chose the Business Cards view,
you’d get something like what’s shown in Figure 7-8. You can also
choose Card view, Phone view, List view, or whatever other views are
You can shift among views as you can switch television stations, so don’t
worry about changing back and forth. When you change views, you’re just
seeing different ways to organize the same information.
Sorting a view
Some views are organized as simple lists, such as the Phone view of the
Contacts module. Figure 7-9 shows the Phone view: a column of names on the
left, followed by a column of company names, and so on.
Figure 7-8:
Cards view.
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