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Viewing Your Contacts
Rearranging views
You can rearrange views simply by dragging the column title and dropping
the title where you want it:
1. For example, choose the Phone view from the list in the Current View
group of the Home tab’s Ribbon.
The Phone List view of your contacts appears.
2. Click a heading and drag it on top of the File As column to its left.
You see a pair of red arrows pointing to the border between the two
columns to the left of the column you clicked. The red arrows tell you
where Outlook will drop the column when you release the mouse button
(as shown in Figure 7-10).
3. Release the mouse button.
The column you dragged is now to the left of the other column.
Figure 7-10:
You can
the columns
by dragging
the column
heading to
the location
you desire.
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