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Viewing Your Contacts
You can use the same process to move any column in any Outlook view.
Because the screen isn’t as wide as the list, you may need to move columns
around at times to see what you really want to see. For example, the List
view in Figure 7-11 shows 6 columns, but the list in that view really has 12
Drag the scroll bar at the bottom of the list to scroll to the right to see the
columns that don’t fit on the screen. For example, if in Figure 7-11 you want
to see the Categories column at the same time as the Full Name column, you
have to move the Categories column to the left.
Using grouped views
Sometimes sorting just isn’t enough. Contacts lists can get pretty long after a
while; you can easily collect a few thousand contacts in a few years. Sorting
a list that long means that if you’re looking for something starting with the
letter M, for example, the item you want to find will be about three feet below
the bottom of your monitor, no matter what you do.
Figure 7-11:
The List
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