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Flagging Your Friends
Groups are the answer, and I don’t mean Outlook Anonymous. Outlook
already offers you several predefined lists that use grouping.
You can view several types of lists in Outlook: A sorted list is like a deck of
playing cards laid out in numerical order, starting with the deuces, then the
threes, then the fours, and so on up through the picture cards. A grouped
view is like seeing the cards arranged with all the hearts in one row, then all
the spades, then the diamonds, and then the clubs.
Gathering items of similar types into groups is handy for tasks such as finding
all the people on your list who work for a certain company when you want to
send congratulations on a new piece of business. Because grouping by
company is so frequently useful, the List view sorts your contacts by company,
and it’s set up as a predefined view in Outlook.
To use the List view, follow these steps:
1. Click the People button in the Navigation pane.
The Contacts module opens to its current view.
2. Choose the List view from the Current View group in the Home tab’s
Each heading labeled Company: Name of Company tells you how many
items are included under that heading, and it also has a little triangle at
the left. Click a triangle to see more names under the company’s heading.
3. Click the triangle to see entries for the company listed on the gray bar.
If the predefined group views don’t meet your needs, you can group items
according to just about anything you want, assuming that you’ve entered the
Grouping is a good way to manage all Outlook items, especially contacts.
After you get a handle on using groups, you’ll save a lot of time when you’re
trying to find things.
Flagging Your Friends
Sometimes you need a reminder to do something involving another person —
but tying a string around your finger looks silly and doesn’t help much
anyway. Outlook offers a better way. For example, if you promise to call
someone next week, the best way to help yourself remember is to flag that
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