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Using Contact Information
The most obvious thing you may want to send this way is your own contact
1. Create a contact record for yourself.
It should have all the information you want to send someone.
2. Click the People button in the Navigation pane.
Your list of contacts appears.
3. Double-click the contact record that has the information you want to
The contact record you double-clicked opens.
4. Click the Forward button on the Contact tab’s Ribbon.
A menu offers three choices: Send as Business Card in Internet Format
(includes Outlook format), In Internet Format (vCard), and In Outlook
Format. If you’ve set up a text messaging service to work with Outlook,
you’ll see another choice labeled Forward as Text Message. See
Chapter 18 for more about text messaging services.
5. Choose the format you prefer.
If you’re not sure, choose Send as Business Card. That sends both kinds
of cards, as seen in Figure 7-15.
Figure 7-15:
Sending a
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