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Gathering People into Groups
6. In the To text box, type the address of the person who should get the
Or, click the To button and pick a name from the Address Book.
7. Click the Send button (or press Alt+S).
Your message and the attached vCard are sent to your recipient.
When you get a business card in an e-mail message, you can add the card to
your Contacts list by double-clicking the icon in the message that represents
the business card. Doing so opens a new contact record. Simply click the
Save & Close button to add the new name — along with all the info on the
business card — to your Contacts list.
You can also forward a business card by clicking the contact record and then
clicking the Forward button in the ribbon. This is a few mouse clicks shorter,
but your forwarding options are reduced to a business card attachment in
Internet format or an Outlook contact.
Gathering People into Groups
You can create a Contact group in your Contacts module that has more than
one person. A group helps when you send a message to several people
simultaneously. You can also assign categories to your Contact groups (just
as you can with individual contacts), and you can send a Contact group to
other people as an attachment to an e-mail message so that they can use the
same list you do if they’re also using Outlook).
Creating a Contact group
Creating a Contact group is a simple matter of making up a name for your list
and choosing from the collection of names you’ve stored on your system. A
Contact group doesn’t keep track of phone numbers and mailing addresses,
just e-mail addresses.
To create a Contact group in your Contacts module, follow these steps:
1. Click the New Contact Group button in the Home tab’s Ribbon (or
press Ctrl+Shift+L).
The Contact Group dialog box appears.
2. Type the name you want to assign to your Contact group.
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