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Gathering People into Groups
The name you type appears in the Name text box.
3. Click the Add Members button and choose From Outlook Contacts.
The Select Members: Contacts dialog box shows the available names on
the left side and a blank Members box at the bottom; see Figure 7-16.
To include the e-mail addresses of people who aren’t in your Contacts
list or any of your other Outlook Address Books, do this:
in the Add Members dialog box.
Figure 7-16:
for your
4. Double-click the name of each person you want to add to your Contact
Each name you double-click appears in the Members box at the bottom
of the dialog box.
5. When you’re done picking names, click the OK button.
The Select Members: Contacts dialog box closes.
6. Click the Save & Close button (or press Alt+S).
The Contact Group dialog box closes and your Contact group appears in
boldface in your list of contacts.
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